Teaching and Research

Bachelor Degree Education


   The University focuses on teaching consistently, aiming to cultivate high-quality, high-level, and specialized talents,(particularly those who are capable of meeting the needs of regions, relevant industries, and the public at the grassroots level and who are innovative in applied fields.) It continues its reforms of education and teaching as well as the training modes of innovative talents while setting up and carrying out the three-in-one talents training scheme of “quality, knowledge, and capability”, thus highlighting SDUT’s talent training features.  

   The University recruits and trains students in 10 disciplines, including mechanics, telecommunication, bio-chemical materials, civil engineering, geology and mining, mathematics and physics, economics and management, literature and law, arts and physical education, and foreign languages.

   The three-level teaching platform has been set up for four academic years: the platform of liberal arts courses in the first academic year for all disciplines, the platform of discipline-oriented fundamental courses in the second year, and the platform of major-oriented courses in the third and fourth years.

   The University has a credit system as follows:

   The University carries out (1) the flexible educational system lasting from 3 to 6 years; (2) the elective system in which students can select courses of other disciplines or academic years; (3) major-minor, duel majors and duel degrees system in which capable students can select a minor or be granted duel majors certificate with a second major, or a second degree;  (4) the tutorial system in which a tutor is arranged to give advice on study, selecting courses, and even the all-round development of students; (5) the open laboratory system in which students reserve laboratories for experiments based on their own time and study progress.

   The credit system makes autonomous learning possible, arousing students’ enthusiasm in study, giving space for the development of students’ individuality and innovation.

   The University launches the experimental classes to cultivate innovative talents.

   This class mode is introduced from famous universities at home and abroad, featuring brand new training scheme in which students receive the liberal arts education in first three academic years and select their own majors at the end of the third academic year within their disciplines.

   The University is one among the first batch of 61 national pilot universities, also the only provincial university in Shandong, for the “Outstanding Engineers Education Program set by the Ministry of Education.

   So far, SDUT’s 4 undergraduate courses (mechanical design, manufacturing & automation, computer science & engineering, mining engineering, fashion design & engineering) and one postgraduate course (computer technology & engineering) entered this program.

   SDUT pays much attention to the learning style. Valuing highly teaching and learning, SDUT set up its own construction mentality: students as subject guided by their teacher, oriented by employment while education working as the base. The guideline of improving learning style puts stresses on innovation, and takes quality as lifeline of education. The implementation of “Technology Innovation, “Culture Education, and “Social Practice”, achieved the combination of “the first class” (the school classroom) and “the second class” (the workshop). Thus, SDUT takes the good atmosphere on the fact that students aspire to become useful man, teachers regard teaching as career, and school takes education as duty”, eventually making the learning style of cultivating integrity while studying knowledge, learning with a insatiable desire go into the students' heart, which improves students' quality and ability.

   While enhancing the active reform in teaching content, teaching methods and means of instruction, the University manages the teaching strictly, makes continuous improvement of supervision system on teaching quality, pays attention to the personality development of students and their ability of practice and spirit of innovation. As a result, lots of qualified graduates serve the society, winning the widespread praise.


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