SDUT got good grades in Shandong provincial outstanding achievements in social sciences in 2017


Recently, the Award Selection Committee of Shandong Provincial Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement issued a document to inform the recognition of 31th social sciences outstanding achievement awards. Our school succeeded in the selection and received a total of 13 outstanding achievement awards, including the first prize paper entitled “On the technical knowledge diffusion research based on international citation of Chinese citations” by Professor LI Ping et al from Department of Economics and Management, the first prize book entitled Japanese strategic culture and ‘general nationalization’ issue by Professor LI Jianmin from School of Marxism Studies in the economics group and political group respectively, and 2 items of second prizes ,9 items of Third prizes. Among all participating units, SDUT had been listed as the third in terms of the number of first prize which was the same as Shandong University of Finance and Economics, and Jinan University, and the total number of awards of SDUT had been ranked fifth in the province.

Shandong Provincial Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award is regarded as the highest achievement of social sciences research and issued by Shandong Provincial Government, which is the manifestation of scientific research level in provincial colleges, universities and scientific research institutes in the field of humanities and social sciences. In the process of selecting this year's provincial social sciences outstanding items, SDUT attached great importance to careful deployment, in accordance with the requirements of the documents of selection, gave full play to the role of School academic committee, conducting strictly the selection procedures, highlighting the quality standards, encouraging the units of humanities and social sciences to participate actively and mobilize widely. After the objective assignment, blind assessment and expert recommendation and other links, a total of 15 items were selected for the Provincial Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award Selection Committee Office, with our winning rates up to 86.7%, far higher than the province's 45.8% winning percentage, which completed the 2017 annual high-level award task in a high quality.

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