SDUT has won 79 items in national college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training programs


Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a Notice of Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education on the announcement of the 2017 national college students innovation and entrepreneurship training programs”, among which 79 projects of our school has been approved, including 60 innovative training programs, 16 entrepreneurship training programs, and 3 business practice projects.

SDUT attaches great importance to the work of the innovation and entrepreneurship training program of college students, promotes the transformation of educational ideas and establishes new models of personnel training and enhances students' innovative ability and entrepreneurial ability to cultivate top-notch innovative entrepreneurship through the implementation of the project. As the basis of all kinds of competitions at all levels, our school strongly supports the colleges to cultivate the national project, and considers it as a starting point to promote our school innovation and entrepreneurship competition, which plays an important role in the cultivation of college students’ innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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