The Closing Ceremony of Freshmen Military Training of 2017 Was Held


During the harvest season of Autumn, Freshmen of 2017 were busy with their military training. They were in high-spirit and had been improved physically and mentally which lay a solid foundation for their new school life. On the morning of September 21, 2017, the Closing Ceremonies for Freshmen Military Training of 2017 were held at the West Campus Stadium and the East Campus Stadium respectively. In their 12-day military training, 8910 participants with tenacious perseverance, excellent military quality and excellent results had completed their first program successfully in their university life.

The ceremonies were attended by Prof. LYU Chuanyi, Secretary of the Party Committee, ZHANG Xiangyun, member of SDUT Standing Committee of CPC and Vice President, LIU Junfeng, Director of Political Department of Training Force, and other leaders from the relevant departments, colleges and training units. The ceremonies were presided over by Zhao Ming, who was the director of the Student Affairs Department, and director of the Armed Personnel Division, and the political commissar of the military training units.

Prof. LYU Chuanyi, accompanied by FENG Xudong, head of the military training Units, had reviewed 75 military training units on West and East campuses respectively.

After the completion of the review, the military training groups had carried out a parade performance; all participants were energetic and vigorous with their determined pace, loud slogans which mirrored the style of SDUT freshmen morality qualification and their high spirits.

On the East Campus, they had formed four military training squares and conducted a report performance of what they had been trained. Women's dagger performance was overwhelming, military boxing performance was vigorous, routine military practice was neat and orderly, traffic commanding performance was specific and accurate, which won the plaudits and applause from audience from time to time.

LYU Chuan-yi, who was on behalf of the school, presented pennants to the training forces as gratitude.

Mr. MOU Wanxin, Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Department, and deputy political commissar of the military training group read out Decision on the Recognition of the Advanced Collective and Outstanding Individual in Freshmen Military Training of 2017.

ZHANG Xiangyun pointed out in his concluding remark that the military training was tense and orderly, the training content was scientific and reasonable, the training system was more concrete and complete, the pertinence and effectiveness of military training had been greatly improved.

He concluded that the military training work has got a complete success, first of all, we should be grateful to the efforts of all training officers and participants. Secondly, we should be grateful to the hard training of the students. Thirdly, we should be grateful to the strong supports from all parties. The relevant functional departments of our school were coordinating and linked to perform their own duties, and provide a logistical support to military training.

Finally, ZHANG Xiangyun hoped that the students would continue to maintain and carry forward the formation of good styles, habits and qualities which were built in the military training, cherish their beautiful days, determine to work hard,practice SDUT motto of “Nobility, Erudition, Persistance, Perfection actively,and grow into the application-oriented specialized personnel who has social responsibility, innovative spirit, professional knowledge, practical ability and a healthy body and mind so as to celebrate the opening of the19th National Congress of the CPC.

The Closing Ceremony of Freshmen Military Training of 2017 came to an end in the sonorous heroic song of “March, the Chinese People's Liberation Army”.

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