The 2nd Annual World Customs Exhibition of International Culture Week was held.


On the 2nd Annual World Customs Exhibition of International Culture Week there were wonderful live performances, enthusiastic Chinese and foreign teachers and students as well as delicious specialties of various foods. The 2nd Annual World Customs Exhibition of International Culture Week was held in the afternoon of October 28, 2017 where Chinese and foreign students emanated their vitality and exotic charm to the full.

LYU Chuanyi, Secretary of SDUT’s Party Committee, YI Yuchen, Deputy Secretary of SDUT’s Party Committee, and ZUO Yajuan, Deputy Director of Sub-Bureau of Exit and Entry Management, Zibo Public Security Bureau, attended the exhibition on the southern square of JiXiaHu Lake. Also present at this event were representatives from Management Committee of the Scenery Spot of Zhoucun Ancient Business Town, International School of Zibo Vocational College, and heads of the academic departments of SDUT, as well as teachers and students of SDUT.

The exhibition was kicked off with a passionate Hip-hop dance, which aroused the passion of teachers and students greatly.

YI Yuchen delivered an opening speech, which briefly introduced the importance of internationalization of modern education and the basic information of SDUT's international exchanges and cooperation. He noted that holding the International Culture Week was not only an important way to display the achievements in SDUT internationalization of its schooling, but also an important step towards the improvement of its internationalization. The theme of this “International Culture Week” was “to appreciate the exotic culture, to deepen cultural exchanges, to broaden global perspectives, and to improve the soft culture of internationalization”. With a series of cultural activities, a good platform would be set up for Chinese and foreign teachers and students to deepen their mutual understanding and friendship. He hoped that Chinese and foreign friends would actively participate in various cross-cultural exchanges, fully showing the cultural characteristics of their own countries, and further internationalizing SDUT, so that they could make great contributions to the construction of SDUT as “a distinctive, high-level, well-known teaching and research university”.

Subsequently, the exhibition was divided into two parts that were held simultaneously.

The traditional art performances were various and colorful. The Kyrgyzstan national dance performed by Kyrgyzstan students was light and graceful; Chinese martial arts shown by the Martial Arts Association was the art of combination of softness and hardness; the song  Our beautiful motherland sung by Pakistani students was full of affection and patriotism; the song medley of Chinese and Korean songs performed by Chinese and Korean students was very pleasant.

Cultures of various countries and regions were full of charm. Foreign teachers and students from 25 countries, such as Russia, South Korea and Canada, enthusiastically displayed their clothes, pictures, food and handicrafts in the booths of their own countries. A vast crowd gathered on the spot with great enthusiasm.

During the Exhibition, LYU Chuanyi, YI Yuchen and other leaders and guests came to visit various booths of different countries and they were welcomed warmly. They also interacted with foreign students so as to get a better understanding of foreign students’ study and living conditions.

This International Culture Week was co-hosted by the School of International Education and the School of Foreign Languages, and it was organized and undertaken by students from the International Communication Association and Students Union of the School of Foreign Languages. Following this event, among foreign Students there would be exchange and sharing of experiences and overseas students’ Competition of Public Speech in Chinese and “Understanding China” and other activities.

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