President ZHANG Tiezhu Led a Delegation to Visit Universities in UK and Austria


From October 11 to 18, 2017, ZHANG Tiezhu, president of SDUT led a delegation of 5 people to visit four universities in Britain and Austria as well as the Eurasian Pacific Uninet in Austria, and successfully completing all visits.

At the University of Huddersfield in the UK, the delegation held talks respectively with Prof. David Taylor, Deputy Vice-chancellor at the University of Huddersfield, and some representatives from School of Music, Humanities and Media; School of Computing and Engineering, and School of Art, Design and Architecture. The delegation also visited their teaching and research facilities, the UK No.1 Centre for Precision Technologies (CPT), and Future Metrology Research Hub in this university. The two sides decided to establish a school-level cooperative relationship and agreed to carry out the exchange of teachers and students and conduct scientific research cooperation in the fields of music, clothing, electrical engineering, precision machining, and measurement. ZHANG Tiezhu and David Taylor signed jointly the Memorandum of Cooperation and Understanding on behalf of the two universities. The two sides shared information with the progress of the joint alignment of music, textile and garment-related professional courses and exchanged views.

At Harper Adams University in the United Kingdom, the delegation held talks with Prof. Peter Mills, the University's Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and several representatives of the Faculty of Engineering and the intelligent agricultural machinery team, reaching a consensus on the exchange of experience and scientific research cooperation among masters, doctors and professors of both universities in the field of agricultural engineering. Finally, both signed the Memorandum of Cooperation. The delegation visited teaching and scientific research facilities in Intelligent Agricultural Machinery R & D Center and Food Processing & Manufacturing Laboratory. They also had discussions with student representatives from China Agricultural University who had participated in the Double-Master-Degree programs.

During their visit to the Eurasian Pacific Uninet in Austria, ZHANG Tiezhu, on behalf of SDUT, signed a cooperative agreement with Prof. Wolf-Dieter Rausch, its president, to join this network. Depending on the Eurasian Pacific Uninet, SDUT would be given the various opportunities to carry out the teacher-student exchanges and scientific research collaborations with European universities for the purpose of further opening more channels of communication in the world. With the help of the Eurasian Pacific Uninet, the delegation also successfully visited the Graz University of Technology and the Vienna University of Technology in Austria. During the talks, they introduced their own universities briefly and expressed their willingness to cooperate with SDUT. All were unanimous in conducting various forms of cooperation programs concerning teacher-student exchange and scientific research under the framework of the Eurasian Pacific Uninet. They were willing to make contact with each other in the future so as to explore the new cooperation programs.

During the visit, the delegation gave two presentations on talent recruitment in UK and Austria respectively, and publicized the information on talent demand of SDUT and relevant policies of bringing in high-level foreign talents into SDUT. The recruitment had been proved to a success and people present were very active.

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