ZHANG Tiezhu Attended the Cross-Strait Forum of University Presidents


From October 25 to October 27, 2017, President ZHANG Tiezhu, accompanied by the heads from the SDUT’s Party Committee (presiendent’s) Office and the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs, attended the 2017 Cross-Strait Forum of University Presidents held in Qingdao. At the same time, he delivered a report on a special topic and discussed with participants from other higher education institutions.

ZHANG Tiezhu delivered a speech titled Exploring the in-depth Integration Model of Information Technology and Curriculum Teaching, and introduced the basic situation, major measures, preliminary achievements and experiences of SDUT’s education informatization, as well as some insights into the way of improving education informatization, which was praised by university presidents, experts and scholars present at the meeting. The heads of SDUT Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs, shared their ideas with the focus of encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship among college students.

During the forum, ZHANG Tiezhu and his delegation extensively exchanged views with other university presidents and heads of department involved, notably the views concerning the construction of exchange and cooperation mechanisms of cross-strait higher education with heads of universities in Taiwan, China.

This forum was hosted by Qingdao University and co-sponsored by Taiwan Kunshan University of Science and Tehnology. More than 100 presidents from nearly 50 universities across the Taiwan Strait, heads in the department of cross-strait affairs and scholars or experts, attended the meeting. With the theme of “Deepening Cross-strait Exchanges and Cooperation and Promoting Common Prosperity of Cross-strait Higher Education, the forum was divided into sections such as experts’ lectures, university presidents' forums and forums for leaders of Cross-Strait affairs Offices.

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