SDUT honored for itsoutstanding accomplishments in social sciences


Recently, a total of 13 SDUT teachers were honored for their outstanding accomplishments in the field of social sciences by the Provincial Committee of Awards for Outstanding Achievement of Social Sciences (CAOASS). Among them, Prof. Li Ping, Director of the Department of Economics & Management and, Professor Li Jianmin, Dean of School of Marxism Studies, won the first prize for their academic performance, namely, Li Ping’s paper entitled “A Study of the Technical Knowledge Diffusion Based on International Citation: Evidence from China” and Li Jianming’s monograph entitled Studies on Japanese Strategic Culture and Aggressive Nationalization. Apart from these 2 first prizes, SDUT received 2 second prizes and 9 third prizes. And SDUT ranked the fifth in terms of the total number of the awards and, the third in regard to the number of the first prize along with Shandong University of Finance and Economics and Jinan University.

The Provincial Awards for Outstanding Achievement of Social Sciences, the highest awards in the field of social sciences issued by Shandong provincial government and its Party Committee, reflects research capability of institutes in the fields of humanities and social sciences. This year, to show SDUT’s academic performance, the schools concerned first presented their research results, which were then evaluated by the Academic Board on a high standard. Through objective assessment, 15 results were selected and submitted to CAOASS. Of these 15, 13 results were honored for their academic value, the winning rate being as high as 86.7%. In this way, SDUT displays its outstanding academic accomplishments in the field of social sciences in 2017.

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