The Fifth Provincial Young Teachers' Teaching Competition Final of Shandong Held in SDUT


From the morning of June 2 to the 4th, 2018, the fifth “Chaoxing Cup for Young Teachers' Teaching Competition Final in colleges and universities in Shandong was held in the No. 3 teaching building of SDUT. 166 teachers from 106 universities across the province showed their significant teaching skills and high teaching talents. This is the first time that the finals were held in universities outside the provincial capital city since the tournament was held.

The competition was sponsored by the Education Department of Shandong Province and the Shandong Provincial Education Union,and was organized by the Teachers Training Center of Shandong Higher Education Institution and SDUT. From the morning of June 2 to June 3, the finals were divided into the liberal arts group, the engineering group, and the science group in No.3 teaching building on the East and West campuses.

In the afternoon of June 3rd, the competition was held in the Auditorium of Building 3 as well as the closing ceremony and award ceremony.ZHANG Tiezhu, President and WEI Xiuting, Vice President, and  KONG Xiangyun, Vice Director of Shandong Jiaotong University, MA Fenggang, Vice President of Linyi University and BAI Xianyong, Associate Dean of Binzhou Medical College, WANG HUI, Vice Chairman of the Shandong Provincial Education Union ,ZOU WEN, Deputy Director of Shandong Province Higher Teacher Training Center and MA Wenhua, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Chaoxing Erya Education Technology Co., Ltd. attended the closing ceremony and presented prizes to the winners and outstanding organizational units.

After the preliminary, semi-finals and finals, a total of 68 first prizes, 97 second prizes and 138 third prizes were presented. XV Liping of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of SDUT won the first prize. ZHANG Dongmei of the School of Computer Science and Technology and XING Lei of the School of Foreign Languages won the second prize. XIE Dandeng of the School of Architecture Engineering and Gao Feng of the School of Music won the third prize. SDUT won the Outstanding Organization Award.

On June 4th, a selection contest was held. Winners of first prizes of last year and this year in each of the liberal arts, engineering, and science groups conducted a high-level competition for the only candidate who will participate in the National Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition.

SDUT had attached great importance to hosting the finals. In order to organize this competition well, a leadership working group was set up. The President acted as the head of the group and the responsible persons of the relevant departments as members; the leading group consists of a comprehensive group, a security group, a publicity group, and a professional group. Before and after the finals, the Teaching Affairs Office collaborated with the President’s office, Party Committee Publicity Department, School Youth League Committee, Asset Management office, Safety Management office, Logistics Management office, Network Information Center, School Hospital, and Experimental Management Center to fully prepare and ensure the finals work orderly. In order to facilitate teachers and students across the province to watch the finals, SDUT made a live broadcast of the finals in 6 ways. The QQ Public Platform of SDUT made a live broadcast on the closing ceremony and award ceremony.

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