SDUT Held the Fourth Student Congress


On June 10th, the opening ceremony and the first plenary meeting of the Fourth Student Congress of Shandong University of Technology were held in the lecture hall of No. 3 Teaching Building. Lv Chuanyi, Secretary of SDUT Party Committee, Zhang Tiezhu, President of SDUT and Deputy Secretary of SDUT Party Committee, Hu Xingyu, Deputy Secretary of SDUT Party Committee, Zhang Xiangyun, Vice President of SDUT and Wei Xiuting, Vice President of SDUT were present in the meeting. Heads from relevant departments, 374 student representatives from 21 schools across the university, and over 80 delegates and invited representatives attended the meeting.

On behalf of SDUT party committee and administration, Lv Chuanyi congratulated the convening of the meeting. He pointed out that the student congress is the basic form for all students to exercise democratic rights and participate in democratic management under the guidance of the party committee and the youth league committee. It is an important channel to broaden the connection between schools and students and an important part of building a modern university system and improving the internal governance structure of colleges and universities.

He hoped that the student congress, especially the student unions at all levels, will gather together to serve better as a bridge between schools and students. Focusing on serving the overall development of the university and the growth of students, the student congress should rely on students, work for students, unite students to actively participate in democratic management and provide positive suggestions for the development of the university. 

“Representatives and student leaders should dare to take responsibility and work hard to become model students.Representatives should listen to their classmates extensively, effectively reflect and resolve the difficulties and problems that students care about, and speak out for the majority of students.Student leaders should give full play to the leading role, take the lead in practicing the concept of the CPC,studying hard, obeying the rules, and maintaining the friendly teaching and learning environment for all students.Develop a strict work style. Remember that you are with your classmates, not above your classmates.”

“Young students should be patriotic,inspiring,truth-seeking,and diligent in actions, striving to be talented persons with social responsibility,innovative spirit,professional knowledge, strong ability of practice and healthy mind and body. Beingpatrioticmeans that students should have national pride and cultural self-confidence, and strive to tie their ideals to the future of the country. Beinginspiringfocuses on moral cultivation. Students should pay attention to moral practice by heart and by action. Beingtruth-seekingmeans that students should work hard to seek the truth, understand the truth and combine learning and thinking in practice. Beingdiligent in actionsmeans learning by doing. Students should put what they have learnt into action to demonstrate the spirit of SDUT.”

The delegates listened to the work report of the 3rd Student Union of SDUT entitled “Strong Faith, Brave Mission, Uniting and Leading Students for a Splendid Chapter in a New Era”, revised the Student Union Charter of Shandong University of Technology ,and elected the Standing Committee, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the 4th Student Union.The meeting reviewed and approved the Report on the Work of Proposals for the Fourth Student Congress.

At the first plenary meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fourth Student Union, the President and Vice President of the Standing Committee of the Fourth Student Union, the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Fourth Student Union were elected. Liu Huawei was elected as the President of the Standing Committee,and Teng Da was elected as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Fourth Student Union.

The meeting realized the whole process of paperless operation through the uploading of meeting materials, pictures, videos, audios and all the information of more than 300 student representatives. This operation not only allows student representatives to read the materials anytime and anywhere through apps, but also breaks through the limitations of paper-based office, which is environmentally friendly, portable and easy to store.(Translated by Fan)

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