SDUT Holds Inspection Mobilization and Deployment Meeting in 2021 1st half


On the afternoon of June 8th, SDUT held an inspection work mobilization and deployment meeting to clarify the members of the inspection team and the division of tasks, deploy inspection tasks, and put forward inspection work requirements.

LYU Chuanyi, leader of the inspection leading group and secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT , DENG Changliang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, WANG Libin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of SDUT, ZHANG Jinsheng, member of the Standing Committee, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and inspector of the Party Committee of SDUT, heads of the Party Committee (President) Office, Party Committee Organization Department and Party Committee Publicity Department, all members of the inspection team and the Party secretary of the inspected units attended the meeting. DENG Changliang presided over the meeting.

ZHANG Jinsheng announced the decision of the Party Committee of SDUT on the authorized appointment and task division of the leader and deputy leader of this round of inspection team. In the first half of 2021, two inspection teams were set up for the internal inspection, ZHANG Siling was authorized to serve as the leader of the first inspection team, and WANG Xiaoyue and LYU Yanping served as the deputy leaders of the first inspection team; LIU Wei served as the leader of the second inspection team, and GAO Liange and GUO Wanbao served as the deputy leaders of the second inspection team.

ZHANG Siling made a statement on behalf of the inspection team. All members of the inspection team signed a confidentiality commitment on site.

LYU Chuanyi made a speech. He pointed out that last year, SDUT started the internal inspection for the first time, inspected the Party Committees of the two schools, and accumulated good experience. This year, the Party Committee of SDUT would further implement the requirements of the superior on inspection work and carry out inspection work in SDUT in two batches, so as to provide political guarantee for strengthening the Party’s leadership, promoting the in-depth development of comprehensively and strictly administering the Party, and realizing the high-quality connotative development of SDUT.

LYU Chuanyi put forward four requirements on how to do well in inspection.

First, we should deepen our understanding of inspection. The members of the inspection team should boldly carry out their work in the principle of helping the inspected units find out problems and promote their work. The inspected objects shall actively cooperate, accept with an open mind and improve the problems found in time with an attitude conducive to career development.

Second, we should focus on finding problems. With a highly responsible attitude towards the cause, we should establish high standards, implement strict requirements, truly find prominent problems and correct them.

Third, we should make an overall plan to promote the work of inspection and the school. We should not only complete the inspection tasks assigned by the Party Committee of SDUT with high standards, but also successfully complete the work of our departments and schools, so as to achieve “two punctuality, two promotion and two improvement”.

Fourth, we should improve the quality of inspection. We should find out the problems, put forward good suggestions and pay attention to rectification to further sum up experience and form an inspection mechanism and form in line with SDUT’s characteristics, so as to accumulate experience for better carrying out inspection in the future.

DENG Changliang presided over the meeting and emphasized the implementation of the spirit of the meeting and the inspection.

After the mobilization meeting, the members of the inspection team were trained.

It was reported that, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Party Committee of SDUT, in the first half of this year, six Party Committees, including the School of Architectural Engineering, School of Computer Science & Technology, School of Resources & Environment Engineering, School of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Laws, and School of Literature & Media Dissemination, would be inspected on campus.

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