SDUT Makes Achievements in 35th Shandong Provincial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award


Recently, Shandong Provincial People’s Government issued the Notice on Commending Winners of the 35th Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award and the 15th Social Science Outstanding Contribution Award and Discipline Rookie Award of Shandong Province. SDUT won 10 Outstanding Achievement Awards, including 3 first prizes. This was the first time for SDUT to win so many first prizes in history and SDUT tied for 4th among provincial universities. WU Shilei from School of Economics won the Social Science Rookie Award of  Shandong Province.

This time, awards of the first prize are: Research on Influence of Foreign Trade Difference on Coordinated Development of China’s Regional Economy by ZHANG Hongxia from School of Economics, Research on SUN Xingyan by JIAO Guimei from School of Literature and Journalism and History of Study on Guanzi by GENG Zhendong from Qi Culture Research Institute. The number of items awarded are: 3 of School of Economics, 2 of Business School, 2 of School of Literature and Journalism, 2 of Qi Culture Research Institute, 1 of School of Marxism and 1 ofOffice of Student Affairs.

The Shandong provincial social science outstanding achievement award is the highest award of social science research achievements in Shandong Province issued by the Shandong Provincial People’s Government. It is an important basis for talent evaluation, a necessary element of discipline construction and degree conferring institutions evaluation and a significant indicator of classified assessment of colleges and universities in Shandong Province. In this evaluation, 1,935 achievements were submitted online and passed the qualification review. 958 achievements entered the selection after the offices (departments) recommendation.After ideological review, objective scoring and conference selection as well as theresearch of the Party group meeting of the Shandong Federation of Social Sciences, the deliberation of the ministerial affairs meeting of the Publicity Department of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the approval of the meeting of the Shandong provincial social science outstanding achievement award selection committee, 298 items were finally determined, including 4 special and first prizes, 44 first prizes, 100 second prizes and 150 third prizes. Awards are distributed in 41 universities and scientific research institutions.

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